Mindy's Buyer Services

The following guide is intended to give you an overview of the home buying process in this area and the services that Mindy can provide. It takes you from an initial home search through a successful closing.

  1. We will meet to determine your home buying needs.

  1. We will determine the price range that you will be comfortable with. (It is highly recommended that you speak to one or more lenders and get a letter of pre-approval).

  1. We will discuss “Agency” representation. “Buyer Agency” offers the greatest protection for you as a buyer. It enables me to provide you with maximum guidance.

  1. Together we search for homes that will fit your needs and your budget. We won’t stop until the “right” home has been found.

  1. After finding the home you want to purchase, we will determine what a fair market value is for the home you are interested in. (If you have authorized me to be a Buyer’s Agent for you, I can make recommendations that will serve your best interests).

  1. When we submit an offer to the Seller/s or to the Sellers’ agent, an earnest money check will need to be attached. Earnest money is usually 1% - 2% for a resale. The selling agents’ company holds this money in a trust account, and you will be credited for it during the final closing purchase. (If the Seller is not working with a Listing Agent, than the earnest money will be held in the trust account of RE/MAX United).

With new construction, a builder may require up to 10% of the contract price. This money is typically made out to the builder and is normally deemed as non-refundable. (Please note; a builder often requires full payment for any change requested during the building process. Payment is typically due at the time the change order is written).

  1. As your Agent, I will present your offer to the Sellers’ Agent or to the Seller/s directly (if the Seller/s are not working with an agent). Negotiations on the price or conditions are typically handled verbally.

  1. Once an agreement is reached, you will need to initial any changes.

  1. Next, the Seller/s sign and initial the contracts (Please note; until such time as the contracts are signed and all changes are initialed by Buyer/s and Seller/s, the contract is not binding. This means that the Seller/s can entertain another offer if they choose to. Once all contracts are signed and initialed, this can not occur.)

  1. In a re-sale situation, appointments will need to be set up for the following (this list may not be inclusive):

    1. Home Inspection (typically, within 10-14 calendar days)
    2. Termite Inspection (typically, within 10-14 calendar days)
    3. Radon Inspection (typically, within 10-14 calendar days)
    4. Septic & /or Well Inspection, as applicable (typically, within 10-14 calendar days)
    5. Mortgage Loan Application initiated (typically within 5 calendar days)

My team and I will help coordinate this process.

In a new home construction, the schedule for the above will vary. We will help to coordinate the schedule & the specific appointments.

Home Inspection – I recommend that you attend if possible. After you and I are in receipt of a written report from the inspector we can discuss it and determine the areas of concern. I will help negotiate an agreement with the Seller which is acceptable to you.

Termite-Septic-Well Inspection – As with the Mechanical/Structural inspection, I will help negotiate an agreement with the Sellers if a problem is found.

Radon Inspection – This test is typically set up by the home inspector. A canister is left at the home and retrieved several days later for analysis. If the reading is above the EPA guidelines, than I will help negotiate an agreement with the Seller that is acceptable to you.

  1. You will need to select an attorney to handle the closing on your behalf. (Upon request, my team and I can provide you with recommendations of local real estate attorneys). Once an attorney is selected, my team and I will coordinate with the attorney’s office to set up the closing day and time and to provide information as necessary.
  2. You will need to call the utility companies to schedule service in your name to begin on the date of closing. (We will provide a list of telephone numbers. It is advisable to have all service turned on the day of closing).

  1. The Real Estate Attorney will handle the following several days prior to the date that you actually “close” on your home;

    1. A survey will be ordered which will show what the property boundaries are. (Although this is not required by most lenders, it is highly recommended).
    2. The attorney will do a title search to ensure that the property can be sold and that the title is “clean”.
    3. Preparation of final closing documents including the HUD form. The HUD will indicate the final amount of money you will need to bring to the closing. Please note that the final figures may not be calculated until the afternoon preceding or the morning of closing.

  1. The final walk through of the home is typically the evening preceding closing, but sometimes it is scheduled on the same day as the closing. The walk through gives you a chance to make sure that the home has not materially changed from the time the offer was accepted. In addition, it provides an opportunity to insure that repairs that were agreed to by the Seller/s, have been satisfactorily completed.

  1. Finally, you and I (or in some cases a member of my team) will attend the “closing”. The closing is usually handled at your attorney’s office. During closing, you will receive the keys to your new property.